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Web Development

Many firms try to develop solutions in the dark. At Knovial we believe in a very open and iterative process. Great development projects include constant client and developer interaction. Some of our projects have transformed business processes, like support tickets at BellSouth/ATT using our EMS custom solution or our Knovial Cloud Business platform. Even our custom web development and use of special TAGS in our Knovial CMS are all great examples of how we work with our clients to provide real solutions. Here are some of the technologies we use for web development:


  • Adobe Suite
  • SQL Server
  • Silverlight
  • AJAX
  • HTML5 and CSS 3
  • Video encoding and streaming
  • CMS work with Knovial CMS
  • e-Commerce and payment processing


Knovial LLC -

Knovial Platform Development of a combined CMS, CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing and mobile platform to help small and medium businesses grow online.


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Bellsouth/ATT – eTally
Enterprise application used across the country to tally sales results and notify management hourly.
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BellSouth/ATT –
CRT enterprise application developed to record front-line customer issues and route to correct groups to be worked and tracked.
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