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Terms and Conditions

Our lawyers made us add this!

  Ownership of KNOVIAL: 
Knovial retains ownership to all KNOVIAL code, database structures, and technology. Client own all rights to content, images, and video used to develop their site. At the clients request, all design files will be provided to the client if the project is paid up-to-date.
Knovialdoes not offer refunds for services rendered including design services, monthly KNOVIAL license fees, development services, or any other service provided. The client retains the right to cancel project or hosting at anytime unless a different agreement is in place or provided by a custom proposal.
  Right to your Data: 
You have the right to request for design files and data at anytime you want. We may charge you if it is inside of 6 months of your contract. Other than that, the design files and data are yours. A small fee may be charged for complex data requests, most are easy to do.

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