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Why do you need an “occasionally connected” app
added on 2/9/2009 12:00:00 AM
created by
Francis, Matthew

About 2 years ago I noticed sales professionals using a slew of applications to manage their sales process. Some were online, some were disconnected… None of them let people manage data and documents in a “sync” framework. The idea is that no matter what the data store is, we need an easy way to keep it in sync.

We started researching and found Microsoft’s new SYNC Framework to look like a good solutions for our new FLIP sales client to keep documents on the team in sync with each other. It worked exactly the way we wanted, we created a SYNC provider and the SYNC Framework handled the rest.

We then implemented an interface to keep our data in sync as well, between SQL CE and SQL2005. No problem, just create a sync process and interface and now our remote data store is syncable (not a real word… yet!)
We then had another challenge… How do we keep the events in the client in-sync with Outlook? The answer was SYNC Framework. We worked with the SYNC Framework group and created an Outlook sync interface. The framework managed the rest!

Overall, the idea of occasionally connected applications is perfect for the mobile workforce. Helping them sale thousands of dollars on wireless cards, reduce frustration of slow online applications, and keep them working when they need to be, is the goal of any organization. The SYNC Framework helped us out and we have accomplished the goals using this technology.

Now our sales team and other companies are using the FLIP client to work when and where they want to!

To learn more, visit PerfectSalesClient.com

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