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Are you building your social network?
added on 2/3/2009 12:00:00 AM
created by
Francis, Matthew

Social networking has become a key part of finding and building strong networks for business, allowing for companies to get close to their consumers. Along with allowing companies to better target their audiences, social networking allows for companies to recruit people who are interested in the business in which they specialize. This has brought some benefits towards the businesses that require certain individuals who actually want to work in those fields get the jobs that they have to offer. This makes a wonderful outlet for advertising as well, making it possible to learn who your target audience is and what your target audience wants.

Learn more about your customers
Learning where your consumers are looking for information on your business and what your business provides is also something that social networking researches. The main process of building a knowledge base on these subjects is by creating buyer personas. Buyer personas are detailed archetypal group of potential consumers of your products. You need to get into the minds of the consumer to know where your buyers read articles, what types of magazines interest them, where they shop online as well as offline and what they do in their spare time as sources for where you should be putting your work into. Obviously, placing your money in dead prospects will yield little or no gold in the business world.

It’s happening online, even when you aren’t
The online World is where you will have a great prospecting area for your potential customers, especially because many of the options available are free and appeal to the consumers directly. Social networking sites have become a popular hangout for many consumers where they create complex networks with other people, meaning that ideas and thoughts spread like wild fire if directed in a well planned manner. Your major social networking sites will have hundreds of thousands to millions of users and many will stumble to your business information and have a higher influence in buying what you sell. The most beneficial networking sites would be LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, large Blog sites and anywhere that you can submit to search engines.
Many of these social networking sites are varied in their appeal to the consumer audience. LinkedIn is a great place to build a professional contact list with key people who will benefit your business the most. It allows for many of the ideas and interchanges of thoughts and opportunity to take place amongst those who keep a large contact base. You can use LinkedIn to assimilate good contacts into your business or to promote your business and your wares. It is simple to let other know that you are part of the LinkedIn network as you can place links into your email signatures, place the information about LinkedIn on your website, provide a link to your LinkedIn contact information on your profiles on other networking sites and as well as providing that information on your business cards.

There is much appeal in the Social Networking phenomenon of Facebook. Facebook will allow you to build a complete company profile for your business which allows your consumers to connect with you. You may even build a consumer base that is not of close proximity, depending on how your business works. Facebook is targeted towards an older user base than MySpace, and allows for more marketing options than most other sites. Building groups with similar companies in your business may help to promote your company towards people who consume products from your competitors. You can support causes in the environment or other humane or significant matters. Supporting causes allows for potential consumers to learn about your company and acts as a form of indirect advertising, but seeds a positive view on your business to your consumers. Getting involved is one of the best ways to reap the benefits that Facebook has to offer.

Twitter is a social networking site that can really allow for their users to let others know what is on their mind right away. This is great for advertising if you can offer a product that is of information viral quality, you can send a message that grows exponentially amongst the users of twitter. Micro Blogging is an efficient way to publish thoughts that users that are subscribed to an account can receive updates on their own account instantaneously. Twitter is easy to use, allowing for short articles to be posted about your business and getting the thought about what you offer out into the public. Selling is less appealing than letting people know about your business, ideas and the passion your company shows in your specific business. Building a large network of people is a key with twitter, so promoting your twitter account wherever possible and getting more subscribers is essential towards success using twitter.

Blogs are an important part of social networking as they provide outlets for information about your company. You can use Blogging to promote what your business does and how your company can specifically solve problems for your prospective consumers. Your customers want to know what you can do for them, not what they can do for you. Blogs and social media are better suited for keeping consumers informed about what solutions you are currently able to provide as well as communicating ideas for the future as well as keeping them updated on your progress in solving the dilemmas in your business field. Advertising your company is one of the things your business should stray from in Blogging, as consumers can look up what you do if they are truly interested in what you offer and how you present that information.

Spend equal amounts of time
The time you spend building your physical networking events should equal the time you work online towards growing your social networking online through various sources. The more work you put in towards these prospective customers, the more you will be able to win them in business. There is no doubt that hard work pays off, but this work does not need to be hard online. Submitting your Blogging outlet to Google every quarter will give you the best chances of showing up higher in the Google directory. Another option to look into may be Search Engine Optimization, which allows for more traffic to your Blogs or website by use of article submission to popular article websites, also increasing the ranking within Google’s directory.

Social networking has become a critical process for today’s working business environment. Taking steps to get known, increasing traffic to your website and letting others spread your ideas through their networks brings in more business for your company. Your customers will want to promote your products and services to their networked friends, family and other business contacts, creating a pyramid of consumers for your business that may continue to grow exponentially. Providing advice for the community free of charge allows for potential consumers to look into your business to solve their problems that your business can provide solutions for. It is better to promote your business more often than your product because it seems less like an ad taking up their time and more like a real physical entity that they can interact with, increasing the overall likeness that they will inquire about your services. Promoting your social networking outlets can be processed through other technology platforms such as Knovial to help better your strategies for online marketing and sales tracking.
Learn more about InterScape’s KNOVIAL Platform. Contact InterScape CEO, Matthew Francis at 770-564-5686 x 6502 or mfrancis@interscapeinc.com today!

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