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Events and Webinars


Easily create paid and non-paid events with web conferencing URL and phone numbers automatically using Knovial!



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Easily to create events:

Easily create events on your Knovial site. Creating events only takes about a minute and is instantly on your website for visitors!

Automatically create event web conference url and phone number:

We have integrated with Fuzebox to make it easy for you to create webinar's at the same time you create events!
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Support paid and non-paid events:

Your events can be free or require payment since events is integrated into e-commerce.

Sales Leads:

easily track and monitor leads from sales agents, forms, and CRM.
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Check-in people at events:

Easily track who comes to your events by scanning them in.

Share events on your site:

Special content tags make it very easy to display events on your website.
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Assign points for registration and attending:

Because Knovial tracks points for lead nurturing, our events system can assign points for registration and coming to the events.

Make it easy for people to register for events:

Simple point and click and account creation makes registration easy.
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Technology Integrated with: