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Digital Magazine Platform

Knovial knows your business needs to move beyond the web, blogs, and emails you send to clients today and to the new world of digital magazines. Knovial has the perfect platform to help your business build custom, highly interactive digital magazines for IPhone and iPad. Move your business forward into the next digital age. See an example to the right of the capabilities.


Page swipe and simple navigation

Users can easily navigate between pages using simple swipe jesters. You can even build easy to use table of contents with links to pages and external urls.


Download and view

Users can view a current issue, download a new one or go and use another application while an issue downloads. No having to sit there and wait for the magazine to download.

iPhone and iPad support

Our platform makes it easy to support both iPhone and iPad with ONE issue content zip file! No need to create two separate magazine creatives. You can easily create one that works on both iPhone and iPad.

Video in page & content

Easily embed unlimited pictures and videos in your pages. The creative possibilities are endless.

Photo and video gallery

Create photo and video galleries for any articles in your magazine! Engage your readers with tons of multiple media content. Users can even zoom in and out of photos and swipe to the next video and photo in the gallery with ease.

Built-in browser

You don't want your readers leaving your magazine. Knovial's digital magazine platform opens all URLS in a build-in and easy to use browser window that the user can close to go right back to the article they are reading.

Force Re-download support

Our download system lets you store magazine articles in the CLOUD and makes it easy for users to do other things while a download is in progress. If something happens, like a network connection issue, the user can resume the download. We also make it possible for you to post issue updates and force the user to re-download the current issue.

Download resume

Downloads will resume if there are any problems with downloading of the digital magazine.

Account and order history support

Knovial handles all account information and order history for the magazines, this makes it perfect for you to know how many times a user downloads an issue and reads it. Also important for email notifications and marketing.

Magazine Creator

Coming soon. A new Mac App to easily create digital magazines for the Knovial magazine platform.


Page swipe animations and layer animations for different built-in IOS special effects.

In-app purchases

Easily enable in-app purchases for your magazine readers. We can support any magazine pricing you need.


XML Based Architecture

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