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What is cloud software?

Cloud software or cloud computing is providing software as a service, also known as SaaS. Knovial's platform has been designed to be a service to your business and in all the different ways you need to use it. Such as, payment processing services for e-commerce, mobile payments, or payments in project management.

Another important aspect of cloud software is the fact it is hosted on virtual servers that can be expanded easily as capacity expands. The other important aspect is redundancy and backup. Knovial software in the cloud is backed up daily and run on multiple servers.

The final major aspect for a true cloud software platform is expandability. Knovial's platform easily lets us expand our core services we use for your business to other applications, database and mobile devices. This makes developing new solutions cost-effective for the small business.

Now you can see why cloud software is critical for the future of your business on the Internet

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